The Human Rights Haggadah

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About the haggadah

The Human Rights Haggadah uses the Passover story to educate and stimulate discussion of human rights at the seder. The story of the Exodus raises questions that relate to the full gamut of human rights, such as:

Refugees (see sample)

Workers’ Rights (see sample)

Reprisals (see sample)

And much more. . .

Human Rights Haggadah refugees page

The Haggadah adds three types of material to the traditional text:

from the rabbis

From the Rabbis boxes:

From the Rabbis boxes show how some Jewish sources address human rights issues

From the Universal declaration of Human Rights boxes:

From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights boxes explain how human rights issues are resolved in treaties and laws

Human Rights Haggadah Dialogue Box

Dialogue Boxes:

Dialogue boxes discuss how human rights interacts with Jewish values. These boxes end with questions for discussion at the seder.

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