The Human Rights Haggadah aims to education and stimulate discussion of human rights in the Jewish community. The Haggadah book uses the Passover story to stimulate discussion at the seder, while the blog relates Jewish sources and human rights principles to issues that are current today. Welcome to the conversation!

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Since due to the difficult situation this Passover many people may be unable to purchase the Haggadah, I’ve made the full text available for free. You can view it on the ‘book’ page of this website, or contact us if you’d like to receive the pdf file via email instead.

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The Passover Story touches on every aspect of human rights, from the bitter oppression of slavery to the moral dilemmas that arise when fighting for even a cause as justified as freedom. This Haggadah makes Passover relevant to the most pressing political and religious dilemmas we face today.

The Human Rights Haggadah helps you use the seder to discuss and learn about human rights.

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Human Rights and Statues

Recently there has been much argument over statues of historical figures that owned slaves or carried out other such injustice. People argue that honoring these

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