The Human Rights Haggadah aims to education and stimulate discussion of human rights in the Jewish community. For Passover, the printed Human Rights Haggadah uses the Passover story to facilitate discussion at the seder. The blog relates Jewish sources and human rights principles to issues that are current today. Welcome to the conversation!

Coming Soon- Divrei Torah

Starting this fall, each week we will post a dvar Torah exploring human rights issues raised in the weekly Torah portion. Rabbis or scholars anywhere in the world are invited to contribute. For more information click here.


Expel Russia from world cup

How to kick Russia out of world sports

              On February 28th, the FIFA council, governing body of world soccer, suspended Russia from participating in international soccer matches, including the upcoming World Cup.

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Torture in A Small Cell

One of Chicago’s newer museums is also its most frightening. It’s the museum of Medieval Torture, located just North of the loop. It displays a

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