Refugees and Ethnic Cleansing

     In many wars, factions set a goal of driving members of opposing tribes, religion, or ethnic groups out of their territory. We call this ethnic cleansing.

     The tactics used can be barbaric- mass executions, rape, arson, starvation, and more. Of course members of the targeted population want to seek refuge in other countries. For countries to allow them to enter as refugees may be of life saving importance. And should these persecuted minorities find their way into another country, they may be eligible for asylum due to the threats they face back home.

     But if a country opens its doors to these refugees, that very act also enables the ethnic cleansing. If the group being expelled is willing to leave and has a viable place to go, the expulsion will not seem like such a heinous crime and the methods used may not have to be so brutal.

Accepting Refugees Enables Ethinic Cleansing

A Reuters news report on how Turkey worries that accepting Syrian refugees  aids the ethnic cleansing campaign of the Assad government.

Statement of Sadako Ogata, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, on humanitarian aid for victims of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. In this statement she explains how her agency providing shelter to refugees is also exacerbating the refugee problem and enabling ethnic cleansing.

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