Shlomo Levin

About This Website

My goal in creating this website is to use the story of Passover to make information about human rights accessible to the Jewish community. I will try to show how many human rights ideas emanate from Jewish sources, while others may not have a basis in the Jewish tradition or may even conflict with verses in the Torah or statements of the Rabbis. We’ll also see how human rights issues affect not only far away conflicts and matters of war and peace, but our day to day decisions as well.

I received ordination from the Israeli Chief Rabbinate and Yeshivat Hamivtar, and I used to be a rabbi. Now I operate a small business in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, write, and work on this website. I’m doing it because I believe that an understanding and acceptance of human rights are key to making a better world.

With respectful blessings,

Shlomo Levin