Environment as a human right

              Last Friday, Oct. 8th, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted overwhelmingly to declare that access to a ‘safe, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment’

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Philosophy of Human Rights

Not a Right Doesn’t Mean Wrong

              Recently, the organization scored a legal win. Yes,! What is this about, you may wonder? Do they work against human rights? Is

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Human Rights and Statues

Recently there has been much argument over statues of historical figures that owned slaves or carried out other such injustice. People argue that honoring these

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Criminal Justice

court can be worse than crime

Chanel Miller wrote her memoir, titled ‘Know My Name’, to give readers a window into sexual assault and the toll on victims from prosecuting it

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Philosophy of Human Rights

Who Will Prevent Death in the Desert?

In 2017, four volunteers from the ministry ‘No More Deaths’ left food and water for migrants in the Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Reserve along the Mexican

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Bloomberg Discovers Prison Labor

Michael Bloomberg, billionaire late entrant to the presidential race, was recently found using prison labor to make campaign calls. When this was discovered by The

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Boycotts May Do More Harm Than Good

               Boycotts and sanctions against human rights violators is a common tactic to bring about change. Refusing to purchase abusers’ products seems like a simple,

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Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea

In The Dead Eye and the Deep Blue Sea, Vannak Prum tells how he was taken from Cambodia and enslaved for years on a Thai fishing boat. His story shows how easily even today people can still be taken as slaves.

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Migrants Don’t Deserve Death

Immigration into the United States over the Southern border is currently the source of major political controversy. Legally, the people crossing into the country are

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